The inaugural Institution of Aquaculture Singapore Conference was first introduced in 2015 to officiate opening of the Centre for Aquaculture and Veterinary Science at Temasek Polytechnic and to promote Singapore as a hub for innovative aquaculture solutions.

Following positive response from the 2-day conference and workshop, the organizing committee has engaged Asian Aquaculture Network (AAN) to present Aqua SG 2016 this year, which comprises of a 3-day conferences, exhibition and pre-conference workshops.

Locales in the hub for innovation and investment, this rebranded edition in 2015 will provide an excellent platform for learning and discussing ideas about aquaculture science and technology including topics such as nutrition, health and disease, culture system, genetic and bloodstock selection.

Parallel to the conference, there are also opportunities for exhibition to present nutrition products, instruments and equipment for farm management, diagnostic and therapeutics to promote sustainable aquaculture practices in the industry.

For more information please visit : www.aquasg.com