Blue Aqua International

Blue Aqua International


Blue Aqua International is a one-stop solution provider for the aquaculture industry in the Asia-Pacific region and the United States. We manufacture and distribute specialty products and services to our customers. Our innovative and holistic solutions enable clients to raise profits and operate their business sustainably and environmentally friendly. Blue Aqua brings years of industry expertise and practical knowledge in order to provide solutions to current problems while maintaining future concerns of the emerging markets. We are proud and honored to be the supporting member of the Asian Aquaculture network and the World Aquaculture Society.

The continuous development of knowledge and technology for the implementation of sustainable production in aquaculture.

To be at the forefront of intensification technology for the improvement of food security globally.

Core Values

Create a culture of integrity and professionalism
Go above and beyond the call of duty to provide customer service that truly stands out
Pledge to continue sustainable and environmental friendly business practices
Commitment to innovation and collaboration
Always stay insightful of the aquaculture industry
Support team member excellence and happiness


There is no other substitute for the knowledge and practical skills that comes from having decades of experience in the aquaculture industry. Our employees have in-depth working knowledge and understanding of the industry. We have worked with countless businesses and know what it takes to succeed and offer products and solutions that perform even in critical situations.

Client Service

It is imperative to us to provide an excellent client service that is centered on the most valuable business commodity to us- Trust. We strive to create trust with our new clients by delivering on our promises, communicating, staying consistent, and seeking the best solutions for our customers. Our client service staffs are highly trained, experienced and motivated to providing exceptional customer experience. They will assure that your questions, requests and other inquiries are answered promptly.


As an international company, we are able to learn new techniques and solutions and apply the acquired knowledge to other markets that we are serving. We are always looking to improve and offer our customers with the latest and best solutions worldwide. Blue Aqua International has built local team representations so that local businesses and customers have access to us. We want to be where our customers are across the world.